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Thurston Lewis Mason Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO

  • Thurston Lewis Mason Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO
  • Thurston County Democratic Women
  • Tumwater Citizens for Better Education
  • Tumwater Teachers and Paraeducators, WEA-Chinook
  • The Olympian

Elected officials

  • Denny Heck, US House of Representatives
  • Terry Bergeson, former Superintendent of Public Instruction
  • Jay Wood, Tumwater School Board President
  • Kim Reykdal, Tumwater School Board Director, Pos. 2
  • Pete Kmet, Mayor of Tumwater
  • Nicole Hill, Tumwater City Councilmember
  • Eileen Swarthout, Tumwater City Councilmember
  • Brandon Anderson, Griffin School Board
  • Joellen Wilhelm, Olympia School Board
  • Janine Ward, Tumwater School Board Director, Pos. 5
  • EJ Zita, Port of Olympia Commissioner

Business owners

  • Brad and Lisa LaRue, Infernos owners and Tumwater School District parents
  • Dennis Mydlar, Western Meats
  • Brian Seymour, Clippers Barbershop
  • Dan O’Neill, Great Western Supply and The Barn Nursery


  • Launa Metcalf Abrahamson, THS Class of ’88, Bush
  • Middle School staff, Tumwater parent
  • Aimee Ayers, special education teacher
  • Barbara Baar, retired THS Science teacher
  • Rich Brown, THS Class of ’91, THS Cross-country coach
  • Jeanne Harmon, retired educator
  • Jennifer Huff, Marshall Middle School, math teacher
  • Deb Leuschen, Bush Middle School, math teacher
  • AnnLou Richmond, Black Lake Elementary para-educator, Tumwater parent
  • Chris Determan Zahrobsky, THS Class of ’93, PE teacher

Community Members

  • Aron Abrahamson, THS Class of ’90, Tumwater parent
  • Napua Ah Sau, retired from the Olympia Brewery
  • Laura Ayres, Black Lake parent
  • Marc Baldwin, community member
  • Jim Beard, Black Hills High School parent
  • Barb Determan, community member
  • Sean and Bernie Griffin, community members
  • Joe Hyer, community member
  • Chris Jensen, THS Class of ’92, Tumwater Hill parent
  • Bill Leuschen, retired from the Olympia Brewery
  • Paula Moore, community member
  • Nasue Nishida, Executive Director, Center for Strengthening the Teaching Profession
  • Penny Nerup, community member
  • Patt O’Neil, community member
  • Marge Plecki, University of Washington education researcher
  • Sarah Roberts Scoresby, THS Class of ‘93
  • Tanisha Simmons, community member
  • Rick Anderson, Communities in Schools
  • Sue Anderson, Former VP Black Hills High School
  • Mary Gentry, Retired Attorney and THS teacher
  • Sarah Tracy, Parent educator

Endorsement Statements

“The City of Tumwater and Tumwater School District have an amazing partnership as demonstrated by our School Resource Officers, FRESH Farm Program, and in providing for families in need. I’m proud to support Melissa Beard’s reelection to continue this work.”

—Tumwater Mayor Pete Kmet

“I’m so proud of Melissa and all her hard work she has put in to achieve her goals. Here’s a perfect example of a former Tumwater graduate returning to her roots to serve the very community she was raised in.”

—Rich Brown, THS Class of ’91, THS Cross Country Coach

“Melissa and I were colleagues for 5 years at the Washington State Office of Financial Management. She’s amazing. Her state level work on high school to college transitions has been phenomenal. I know she’s making a big impact on Tumwater, too.”—Paula Moore

“Melissa is a smart, dedicated, and informed public servant. If you have a chance to vote for her, you absolutely should.”

—Marc Baldwin, Community member

“I support Melissa for Tumwater School Board. She is the right choice for our community. Please consider supporting her campaign.”

—Nicole Hill, Tumwater City Council

“I can’t think of anyone more qualified for this position. If you vote within the Tumwater School District, please consider voting for Melissa.”

—Patt O’Neil

“I’d love to endorse my friend Melissa, running for the Tumwater School District Board! I have seen the years she has dedicated to education policy. I have enjoyed many thought provoking discussions with Melissa on education and have been impressed by her knowledge of the issues and also with her willingness to listen to different viewpoints. I would love to have my children in a school district where Melissa was a board member.”

—Sarah Roberts Scoresby, THS Class of ’93

“I’ve known this woman as a second mom, a friend, a role model my whole life. I can’t think of any words to describe her other than AMAZING! Vote Melissa for Tumwater District School Board, Pos. 4!

—Bailey Young, Community member

“I am supporting our family friend and I couldn’t think of anyone better for the job Melissa Determan Beard! Vote for someone who cares about all our kids and community.

—Laura Ayres, Black Lake Elementary parent

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